Is Your Auto Maintenance Overdue?

Make an appointment at our shop in Nampa, ID for an oil change

Part of owning a vehicle is remembering to get routine service. By bringing your car to Nampa Total Car Care in Nampa, ID, you can get full-service auto maintenance in one visit. A local mechanic at our shop will fully inspect your vehicle and take care of any necessary maintenance to get you back on the road safely.

Do you need to schedule oil change service? Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Keep up with your car care

Keep up with your car care

You shouldn't have to bring your vehicle in multiple times in a row to get the service you need. As part of your auto maintenance visit, our team will...

  • Change your oil
  • Run computer diagnostics
  • Flush out radiator fluid
  • Replace transmission fluid
  • Rotate your tires
  • Test your battery function

Putting off oil change service can cause your engine to overheat and malfunction. Get professional service by stopping by our auto shop today.